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Vee Kapoor is a trained Indian classical vocalist with a unique sound. Vee has been singing and perfecting his craft for a total of eight years and splits his time between the London and India. He has broken down traditional barriers with a new sound and has used his innovation to create music that not only speaks to a younger generation but also to traditional Indian music fans far and wide.

Vee has created a mixture of vibrant, upbeat and emotive sounds with a strong western fusion making his spiritual songs compelling and niche. With this, Vee has attracted new audiences to the spiritual music world and has proved that this versatile and unparalleled music is what people want to hear.

Vee has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry both in India and London, including well known British producer Shammi Pithia and renownd maestro Soumik Datta. Vee has been classically trained both in the by U.K. and India by Pandit Chiranjib Chakraborty And pandit Tarun Krishna.

Vee’s music is powerful and emotive, and Vee himself is a charming British Indian who will encapsulate you in to a world of beautiful sounds, harmonies and instruments.

What people say

Vee has great vocal versatility and a wonderful passion for music. He has honed his skills to be a thoughtful, mature and accurate singer and brings a high level of creatively to the studio. It’s been a pleasure creating music with him and look forward to more!

Shammi PithiaComposer/Producer

Vee Kapoor’s voice flows effortlessly, his artistic talent is exquisite and sincere intentions are felt through every beat. His music enhances my meditation and leaves me feeling spellbound!

Gaur Gopal dasMotivational Speaker

A beautiful voice!

Pt Hariprasad ChaurasiaFlutist

Vee Kapoor’s voice is soulful and his music brings joy to anyone who listens.

Pt. Chiranjib ChakrabortyIndian Classical Vocalist

I have seen Vee’s raw talent in singing become exceptionally refined whilst working with him over many years. It has been a pleasure to see him grow in his music.

Pt. Tarun Krishna Ji Indian Classical Vocalist

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